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Behnaz Pirzamanbein

PhD in Mathematical Statistics & Environmental Sciences

Throughout my life I have been fascinated with mathematical problems, how hard they are and how challenging they can be. I studied two masters: Mathematics and modeling at Linnaeus University, and mathematical statistics at Lund University. Both of my master theses are written in the image analysis field, one focus on mathematical theory behind it, and the other one on applied statistics, segmenting MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) pictures.

Now in my PhD study, I am using Spatio-Temporal statistics(space-time statistics) to model environmental data.

Environmental and climate processes occur over large space-time domains. Their complexity and the amount of available data make the modeling and analysis a challenging task. This calls for expertise of a statistician. The overall goal of my project is to improve models of vegetation/land-cover using statistical models and spatial statistics methods. This leads to better analysis of human impact, improvement of climate models and better predictions of future changes.

90 second video introduction to my PhD


  • My PhD thesis is now avaiable as pdf file or video presentation including all the papers, popular summary introduction, and R-INLA code for the first paper.
  • I will nail my PhD theis at 15:00 on Wednesday 23rd November, Foyer Math building.
  • I participated at JSM2016 conference and recieved my winning award in special event by SBSS. For pictures and more details check SBSS website.
  • I participated at ISBA2016 conference in Cagliari, Italy, in June. Despite the fact that it was so expensive it was an amazing conference. I presented my poster with same abstract as EGU16 conference, Modelling past land use using archaeological and pollen data. The goal of the study is to map Human land use for past 6000 years is still under developing hence the results are preliminary. If you have more question you can contact me.
  • I presented my recent research, Modelling past land use using archaeological and pollen data, as a poster at EGU2016 conference in Vienna, Austria. The aim is to map Human land use for past 6000 years. We are still developing the model and these results are preliminary results. If you have more question you can contact me.
  • Lund University Magazine, (LUM) has published an article about me and my recent awards on February 4, 2016.
  • Another great news, my second paper has been selected as the Climate Corporation award Winner for the 2016 SBSS student paper awards. The past 2 weeks have been amazing!
  • My second paper has been recognized with an Honorary Mention in the 2016 ENVR Student Paper Competition. I am very happy and grateful for this prize.
  • I have now developed a html-based poster which is interactive same as the original paper-print poster and you can play around with figures and animation. You can also browse in different pages accompanied with the poster, for example clicking on the title will load the original paper.
  • I have participated in "JSM2015" conference in Seattle, 8-13 August, and presented my latest work there which was really an amazing experience, soon I will upload my talk here!.
  • Here we go, now you can read my first paper in Ecological Complexity, through "science direct" or you can download it, here or up in the news bar.
  • Stay tuned, my first paper is on its way ...
  • In June 2014, I attended to "Pan-American Advanced Study Institute on Spatio-Temporal Statistics, Buzios, RJ, Brazil", It was such an amazing experience. First, because of meeting all the well-known speakers in the field which I earlier used so many of their papers in my Introductory paper and in my research, and secondly because of the World Cup. I can say I am not anymore fan of football (since Zizo stopped playing) but it was a wonderful atmosphere.
  • This weekend while everyone are participating in Lundakarnevalen, the best LUGI badminton club team will play in Elite qualification in Stockholm, sometimes it is though to be an athlete but it is definitely worth it.
  • Last weekend, 12th April, we, "LUGI badminton club," won all the divisions in Sweden. LUGI 1 won Div 1, LUGI 2 won Div 2, LUGI 4 won Div 3 and LUGI 5 won Div 4. As the coach and player, I am so proud and happy of what we achieve. Many thanks to all the players and our main sponsor "EuroFinans".
  • In March 2013, I attended a course called, "Communicating your sceince" which was an amazing course full of interesting and useful information and techniques to spread your knowledge to every one. This year registration is now open, don't miss your chance!
  • I wrote an introductory paper for my PhD study which I think is a good summary for the field that I am working in, Spatial methods and their applications to environmental and climate data
  • For my first paper, I make a dynamic, interactive poster that you can find on the third floor of Mathematical Statistics division, soon I will also provide a web version of the poster.



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